James Tidwell October 11, 2018

A deal to buy Gianni Versace was announced on Tuesday by Michael Kors. The deal has been made for an amount of $2.12 billion Gianni Versace SpA is an Italy-based company that deals in luxury goods. The group will now become Capri Holdings Limited, a brand that will stand for glamour, fashion and luxury. The […]

Victor Dill September 3, 2018

Divide, presented by the 27-year-old Ed Sheeran, acquired a huge round of applause and sold 2.7 million copies in the UK. However, he doesn’t have any immediate plans to follow the suit and is looking forward to completing a project that will not be like his prototypical albums. He also confirmed that his world tour […]

James Tidwell July 19, 2018

George Clooney one again tips the charts to be the top earner among actors   At the age of 57 George Clooney is making records. He has been named as the top earner among the actors in 2017. His total earnings stand at 239 million dollars last year. The earnings are calculated as pre-tax earnings […]

James Tidwell June 28, 2018

In association with SuperData research, PayPal this week rolled out the 2018 Global Gaming Research report. This report offers opportunities and insights for the gaming ecology all over 25 markets internationally. The report unveils that 89% of live stream viewers in India spend for streamers on websites such as Twitch in the form of subscriptions […]

Sasha Farrell June 19, 2018

SculptVR gives creative noses to the possibility to create Minecraft-like worlds with detailed 3D sculptures on Google Daydream, Oculus Rift, and HTC Live. Now PlayStation VR fans also have the tools to let their imagination run free. The application will be available on Sony’s virtual reality platform on June 19, so you can use PSVR […]

James Tidwell June 5, 2018

A strike involving more than 50,000 people may take place in Las Vegas Casino employees in Las Vegas are joining together to strike against their employers. There were many grievances that employees had with the management regarding, training, wages as well as sexual harassments from visitors. Another looming problem that workers fear is being replaced […]

James Tidwell June 1, 2018

“A diamond is forever” is now moving with times to “affordable, not forever, but perfect for now”. De Beers, the century-old diamond company is now changing with times. With mounting customer demand, the company has entered into making synthetic diamonds, so that it is affordable and fashionable. Customers can now enjoy the luxury of wearing […]

James Tidwell May 31, 2018

Netflix has overtaken Disney to become the highest valued company in the field of US Media. This is a product of the substantial rise in the subscribers of Netflix and simultaneously, the issues being faced by Disney in the attainment of the Film and TV assets of the media house 21st Century Fox. One more […]

James Tidwell May 29, 2018

Harley-Davidson, an American motorcycle manufacturer, is about to close its Kansas City plant. The company’s workers from the U.S. are losing their balance on this planned closure news. It is proclaimed that the company is expected to gather huge financial benefits from the federal corporate tax cut. The motorcycle manufacturer in Milwaukee is benefited from […]