Sasha Farrell September 21, 2018

Michael Nascimento administered a call center that had numerous investors. He told the investors their money was being invested in the shares of the various businesses that included property development in Madeira. In the hope, the investors trusted him with their money, which was not being utilized for the committed purpose. Rather, Michael spent it […]

Sasha Farrell September 6, 2018

Recently, the founder and former CEO of Papa John made a slurry comment on the NFL leaders during the conference call to Forbes, because of that he has to leave his position and step down from the Board of Directors as well. From that moment the top management and the Board of Directors of Papa […]

Victor Dill August 27, 2018

Uber employees are paid to drive but also face various harrowing experiences at work. There were around 56 employees who filed claims for sexual harassment. Discrimination on color and discrimination against women were also other cases filed. About 500 women employees claim that they were being paid less than their male counterparts while preference was […]

Sasha Farrell August 16, 2018

Butlin, the holiday camp organization, has stated that the personal information of as many as 34,000 guests may have been stolen by hackers. The information includes names, addresses, contact information and the dates when they came for the holiday, as announced by the company. Dermot King, the managing director of Butlin, apologized for the hacking […]

James Tidwell August 14, 2018

Tribune does not go ahead on its merger with Sinclair Broadcast Group. The merger that was to take place between Tribune Media and Sinclair Broadcast Group for $3.9 billion never took place. The breakup was expected but not with Tribune accusing Sinclair of deceiving them. Thursday saw Tribune pull out from its merger and it […]

Sasha Farrell August 13, 2018

  Wireless subscriber base in India has jumped by 6 Million in May. This took the combined base to 1,131.0 Million, claimed ICRA to the media in an interview this week. The leading 4 telecom providers such as Vodafone, Airtel, Reliance Jio, and Idea Cellular together have an aggregated 87.2% of market share as of […]

Victor Dill August 12, 2018

Recent studies show that almost all plastic containers that are thrown out after household use cannot be recycled. The mixture used to make plastic trays or yoghurt pots limit ability of councils for recycling. Only 1/3rd of such plastic waste is recyclable while the rest is sent to landfill says the Local Government Association. Industry […]