Victor Dill

Victor Dill November 8, 2018

The quarterly earnings which were revealed by Apple on Thursday are disappointing. The shares of the company have plunged down by more than 7 percent. This has put the iPhone manufacturer in a serious threat of losing down the much vowed a trillion dollar market cap. The stocks of apple are trading around a value […]

Victor Dill November 7, 2018

IT giant Apple lost its coveted position of being a $1 trillion valuation firm when its shares fell sharply by 7 percent though it posted record profits during third quarter. Its sales strategy of charging a hefty premium for new models has paid off as revenue jumped in the last three months though its sales […]

Victor Dill October 26, 2018

President Donald Trump in a straight line blamed Jerome Powell, Chairman of Federal Reserve, for menacing the U.S. economy by an increase in interest rates, as per to The Wall Street Journal. Trump recently said to the newspaper that he is very unhappy with the Federal Reserve as Obama had zero interest rate. He further […]

Victor Dill October 25, 2018

Space full of stars shining bright is always emitting light onto the Earth. At present, the geologists have dated that there will be a shower of Orionid meteor which will light up the whole sky. In comparison to the meteor, the moonlight display in the sky will be subpar. The current meteor showers will be […]

Victor Dill October 23, 2018

Dogs and humans have always been friends. The friendship started when human started using dogs for their farming activities. Besides goats and sheep, when the farmers shifted from Middle East to the other countries they even carried dogs along with them. It is believed that the first farmers of the globe were at the Middle […]

Victor Dill October 22, 2018

Highlight in the recent business market is the partnership between Amazon, JP Morgan and Berkshire Hathaway. This tie-up came into picture earlier this year. When asked about their views on this tie-up, the owners of 23andMe, Anne Wojcicki and professor of Stanford University, Steven Quake they provided some valuable suggestions. The duo was attaining the […]

Victor Dill October 21, 2018

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos revealed his plans for making the solar system accessible to about 1 trillion individuals sometime in the future. He was talking at the San Francisco Wired 25th anniversary summit on Monday where he also focused on the finiteness of the Earth against the backdrop of the progress at his space company, […]

Victor Dill October 20, 2018

Amazon has launched its all-new Kindle Paperwhite. This upgraded version of the application which was rated earlier as the best value Kindle that money can buy. The new upgrade is better than its earlier version in all aspects. Some of the basic enhancements are that it is lighter, thinner, brighter and waterproof. It is worth […]

Victor Dill October 11, 2018

The mining company from Canada called Barrick Gold is taking over Randgold Resources which will make them the biggest gold miners in the world with a total value of $18bn. Both the companies have the ownership of some of the valuable gold mines across the world and engaged in manufacturing about 6.6 ounces of the […]