Victor Dill

Victor Dill October 11, 2018

The mining company from Canada called Barrick Gold is taking over Randgold Resources which will make them the biggest gold miners in the world with a total value of $18bn. Both the companies have the ownership of some of the valuable gold mines across the world and engaged in manufacturing about 6.6 ounces of the […]

Victor Dill October 8, 2018

It’s been more than three years Google has refreshed its very famous product called as Chromecast. From last few months, we have been listening that Chromecast will come with some update, but it seems that someone is going to introduce a third generation Chromecast bit earlier. A post by Redditor shows a picture of an […]

Victor Dill October 5, 2018

Ownpage, a French startup, recently proclaimed the roll out of Relike, a novel product. The latest launch will offer the users with the simplest methods to get started with email newsletters. They just need to enter the web address of their Facebook page and that’s about it. The firm can automatically pull users’ latest posts […]

Victor Dill September 20, 2018

  Snap, the company that is behind the widely popular social media app Snapchat, has to now look for another chief strategy officer after the current CSO Imran Khan has decided to step down from the post for some reason. The departure of the man was actually disclosed in one of the regulatory filings that […]

Victor Dill September 10, 2018

The ISS or International Space Station is facing a threat of air leakage and the astronauts are mending the same to avoid any mishap. It is speculated that due to the collision of a celestial object with the capsule, the leakage has taken place. The spacecraft intended to deliver a new member to the laboratory […]

Victor Dill September 10, 2018

Due to the tragedy of 9/11, a lot of individuals diagnosed with cancers and respiratory issues owing to the toxic cocktail of dust that has covered the lower Manhattan. Hundreds of individuals have reported dead and a lot of them just under months from the time the symptom started to show, and by that time […]

Victor Dill September 3, 2018

Divide, presented by the 27-year-old Ed Sheeran, acquired a huge round of applause and sold 2.7 million copies in the UK. However, he doesn’t have any immediate plans to follow the suit and is looking forward to completing a project that will not be like his prototypical albums. He also confirmed that his world tour […]