Sasha Farrell

Sasha Farrell October 10, 2018

A small and secretive boutique investment bank which is started by Michael Klein, a former Citigroup executive, and a star dealmaker will divide millions of dollars in advisory charge in a merger worth $18.3B goal as announced on Monday Klein & Co will divide the fees in almost $35M with Morgan Stanley for giving advisory […]

Sasha Farrell October 8, 2018

Tencent Holdings, an internet giant from China, announced its restructuring plans on last Sunday. The company is undergoing the restructuring after six years because of the rising challenges owing to tightened regulations by the government. The company has also witnessed a downfall in its market valuation. In addition, it is also facing severe criticism from […]

Sasha Farrell September 26, 2018

Social media giant Facebook has been given an ultimatum by European Commission to provide detailed information about what has been done with the user data is captured at the earliest or face sanctions. EU Commissioner Vera Jourova stated that though the firm has been told way back in February to update its terms of service […]

Sasha Farrell September 25, 2018

The “Family Link” feature by Google made for parents to manage the smart device usage and screen time for children is now accessible for teens too. The search behemoth has upgraded “Family Link.” The feature now allows parents lock the handsets of teens employing the same Google accounts. Teenagers can still use the handset once […]

Sasha Farrell September 21, 2018

Michael Nascimento administered a call center that had numerous investors. He told the investors their money was being invested in the shares of the various businesses that included property development in Madeira. In the hope, the investors trusted him with their money, which was not being utilized for the committed purpose. Rather, Michael spent it […]

Sasha Farrell September 14, 2018

According to a cybersecurity test, most of the state websites of the US lack the minimum security. To be precise, a mere 4% of the total websites have passed the security tests. These web pages can seamlessly revise the platform to offer the users an intense and effective safety from the vulnerability of the external […]

Sasha Farrell September 13, 2018

  Another ray of hope for cancer patients as NHS and Novartis signs a deal. CAR- T has been the only solution for leukemia when other drugs and medications have failed. CAR- T is an expensive therapy costing thousands of pounds and thus usually out of reach of common masses. Recently the head of NHS […]