James Tidwell

James Tidwell December 6, 2018

Space is not a place to rush into, but that conflicted with aggressive deadlines set by Elon Musk—Founder of SpaceX—years ago and it appears that the target was not quite being completed. Reuters reported that a number of leads associated with the program were pushing for additional testing. Then Musk reportedly visited Seattle and fired […]

James Tidwell November 9, 2018

Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, and over 50 other firms issued a joint letter this week protesting President Trump’s potential rollback of protections and rights for transgender individuals below the federal law. The firms jointly claims that they “protest any legislative and administrative efforts to erase transgender rights via reinterpretation of current regulations and laws,” […]

James Tidwell November 8, 2018

A number of Google workers met in a New York park this week to protest their employer’s management of sexual harassment. This is fraction of a global protest that comprised events in London, Dublin, Berlin, Tokyo, and different other cities. The workers are asking Google to make a more effective and transparent procedure for managing […]

James Tidwell November 7, 2018

The employees of Google all over the world have staged the rolling walkouts yesterday. The protest carried out by the workers comes as a result of company’s improper handling of multiple allegations over sexual harassment cases in the past. In spite of huge chaotic events which took place in the company, the CEO of Google […]

James Tidwell November 5, 2018

Small planetary systems with different planets are not admirers of heavy metal, as per a new study from Yale University. Scientists at the Flatiron Institute and Yale University have found that multiple-planet & compact systems are more expected to be created around stars that have fewer amounts of heavy elements than Sun. This runs opposite […]

James Tidwell October 29, 2018

Over 50% of general work profiles are encountering the risk of disturbance over the coming 2 Years owing to automation, as per a forecast by Teamlease Services. On the other hand, this does not essentially imply job losses since automation might throw up new job opportunities for those getting replaced, experts claimed. A study by […]

James Tidwell October 23, 2018

A group of scientists in the U.S. is ready to use Apple Watch and iPhone to track excessive eating disorder amongst individuals. As per Center of Excellence for Eating Disorders of University of North Carolina, if you have an iPhone (model 5 or newer), are above 18, and have a lifetime or current experience with […]

James Tidwell October 22, 2018

Twitter is conveying almost a much required modification in its policy to tackle abusive or offensive Tweets that breaks its code of conduct. With this forthcoming modification, Twitter consumers can no longer simply remove and get away with offensive tweets. Twitter will now unconditionally point out the posts that have been forcibly removed after consumers […]

James Tidwell October 19, 2018

A well-known accessory brand, Claire has decided to close down some of its stores in UK. The company has already started consulting some restructuring organizations about the options they have to gain back their profitable position in the market. At present this brand has 370 retail stores in Britain. The company has decided to close […]