Victor Dill June 6, 2018

James Mattis, the Defense Secretary for United States, has stated that China has been setting up missiles in the controversial part of South China Sea to frighten and force the countries in surrounding. He also added that these steps by the Chinese government might be for some further aims. Regarding the Korean peninsula, he stated that the matter of the presence of US forces in South Korea was not the part of the meeting this month with the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un and that central focus will be over 100 percent denuclearization of Korea.

The defense minister of South Korea, Song Young-moo, mentioned that the meeting or the summit for security purposes, is focusing on other matters and that the presence of US troops in South Korea is a different matter from the situation about North Korea.

It is important to highlight here that six countries are part of the conflict in South China Sea, but the situation has aggravated lately and consequently, China has been constructing islands and setting up policing.

US Defense Secretary mentioned that the Chinese government has setup things like a variety of missiles capable of bringing down ships and aircrafts and electronic signal blocking devices in the areas surrounding South China Sea. He added that although China is stating otherwise, the setup of the military apparatus is associated with usage for frightening and forcing purposes.

James Mattis said that the Trump government has wished for a progressive association with China, but would go to all lengths based on the requirement and that the United States knows that China is an important player in the area.

However, the Lt General of China, He Lei stated that statements without proper sensibility from other nations will not be tolerated and that the moves taken by China were for national defense only.

Victor Dill

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