Victor Dill June 6, 2018

The third and fourth largest economies, Italy and Spain respectively in the eurozone are encountering a political meltdown. Spanish voters may have to encounter the third election in three years. Italy is also not having much faith in the European project and may have a rebellious government. Spain will also have an incompatible association that will be united only with the dethroning of Mariano Rajoy, the conservative prime minister.

6 years back, Europe had issues with Portugal, Ireland, Greece, and Spain, which is termed as PIGS in conjugation, overpowering debts, toxic bank, and the persistent budget failures. However, 2018 has brought the PHIGS, which includes Poland, Hungary, Italy, Greece, and Spain.

Now, the challenges are highly complex and dynamic with a common root. This root can be stretched to the political disappointments in the mainstream.

The new Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte is the head of the two parties that are not tolerant with the establishment and may end up in a conflict with Brussels.

Currently, European Union has Italy as its immediate threat. During the elections of 4th March, Italians disobeyed and declared the victory of the two parties. These parties had strongly criticized the establishment in Brussels as well as in Rome in the League and the M5S or Five Star Movement.

Sergio Mattarella, the President invalidated the nomination of a eurosceptic as the Finance Minister. As a result, there were tremendous accusations about Sergio Mattarella. However, the President had accepted the revamped cabinet lineup as the M5S and the League made their way.

Spain had progressed since 2012, after encountering a tremendous blow, when the banks sunk and the rating agencies evaluated a huge debt amount. The economy grew and the employment depleted along with the restored credit rating. While Italy is unsure of its future outcomes with tax cuts and enhanced public expenditures.

Victor Dill

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