James Tidwell June 5, 2018

A strike involving more than 50,000 people may take place in Las Vegas

Casino employees in Las Vegas are joining together to strike against their employers. There were many grievances that employees had with the management regarding, training, wages as well as sexual harassments from visitors. Another looming problem that workers fear is being replaced through automation that would leave them with no job.

Even a day of the strike would cost the management a loss of around $10 million.

If the strike was to go on for a month, the loss would be enormous. It would almost be $300 million, say sources.

The Culinary Union has not been able to get to agreeable terms with the management. Already many jobs have been lost to automation through the electronic reservation and automation in-room services. If this continues, more jobs would be lost, fear workers.

The Union wants an annual raise in the salary by 4% while the casinos are ready for 2.7%, says the union through the document released recently.

Workers require more safety and security at their work spot. The workers at the Culinary Union consist of many support staff that is doing routine and basic jobs. Servers, kitchen workers, bartenders are just some of the support staff who will be affected by such turn of events.

The Union hopes that a 5-year contract can be obtained without a need to go for a strike. If the talks work out, we can continue with our services without a break in our regular routine, feel workers at the Union.

The labor contract expires in a few days, and the possibility of a strike is expected on Thursday. Almost 90% of the workers prefer to strike to get their jobs secured.

Caesars Entertainment Corp. will be affected by the strike along with MGM Resorts Intl., Caesars Palace, MGM Grand, Luxor, Excalibur, and Bellagio.

James Tidwell

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