Victor Dill June 5, 2018

The portion that said trending topics on Facebook, which served to bring to user’s interesting discussions happening on the Facebook, will not be available henceforth. The feature was introduced on Facebook in 2014 and was intended to assist the audience in exploring the finest of content available over the social network and had a resemblance to a facility available on competing network Twitter.

Facebook is removing the section as it aroused political concerns for the tech giant. This change will be put into effect from the upcoming week, as announced by Facebook.

The head of news items at Facebook, Alex Hardiman, let the audience know that the section was accessible only in five countries and contributed to not more than 1.5 percent of visitors for news and media houses. It had also come to the attention of Facebook that users were finding feature to be getting lesser and lesser useful with time.

A couple of years back, it was suspected by a few former associates of Facebook that the team at Facebook is burying the news related to famous conservative topics from the feature. Regarding this, the Chief Executive Officer of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg had a meeting with the representatives of Conservatives to put an end to the commotion regarding these claims. Notably, they also got rid of human supervisors from the feature and put the sole responsibility on computer-based algorithms.

Facebook has been putting a lot of thought on how to approach the problem of fake news and interference in political activities, for which they have faced a lot of criticism and the approach towards presenting news. The news feed has been revamped by Facebook to give more importance to stories from family and friends and lesser to updates from publication houses. Local news updates are given higher importance and feedback regarding authenticity is being taken from users.

Victor Dill

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