Sasha Farrell June 4, 2018

Walmart has taken a new initiative to pamper its US workers by financially supporting their education. With 2.3 million staffs, Walmart Inc. is one of the biggest employers in the world. It has now decided to offer higher education to its employees who are working with Sam’s club as well as Walmart in part-time, full-time, and salaried basis, located in the US. In exchange for this endeavor, the workers will be charges $1 each day.

The decision was taken after a research was conducted on the people who also study apart from working. It was observed that these people tend to complete the education if a portion of the personal investment is also included in it. The target of this scheme is to support the education of the employees while engaging a minor portion of their earning to ensure an enhanced rate of retention and empowerment.

The workers can either go for the bachelor’s or associate’s degree in the areas of supply chain management or business management from the 3 schools which run a non-profit organization. The University of Florida, Bellevue University in Nebraska, and Brandman University in California are the institutions. The courses can be taken either through online or from the campus.

The organization will also be subsidizing the books, fees, and tuition, along with offering assistance with the enrollment and application processes.

This year Walmart had hiked the hourly wages of the employees to $11 along with revamping the leave policies related to the parental care and also included a benefit of adoption. The latest step will add to the satisfaction of the employees along with boosting their morale.

Walmart Inc. has not imposed any restriction on the employees regarding the continuation of services with the company after the completion of the course. Even the company will not implement any penalty if a staff leaves the organization while pursuing the course.

Sasha Farrell

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