James Tidwell June 1, 2018

“A diamond is forever” is now moving with times to “affordable, not forever, but perfect for now”.

De Beers, the century-old diamond company is now changing with times. With mounting customer demand, the company has entered into making synthetic diamonds, so that it is affordable and fashionable. Customers can now enjoy the luxury of wearing diamonds.

Using new technology, scientists have created these diamonds in the labs in just three weeks, under the brand name “Lightbox” by De Beers

De Beers will retain its natural diamonds but will also indulge in the Lightbox Brands that are easily affordable by all. The lab-grown models are almost 90% less than the original natural diamonds. Customer demand has moved us to this transition says the company’s CEO Bruce Cleaver.

Ascot, Berkshire is the place where these diamonds are grown currently. Lightbox brand diamonds will be available from September with prices starting from $200 per quarter carat. A full carat stone will cost £800 to customers. The products will first be available in the UK.

So, what is the difference between the artificial and natural diamonds?

The artificial ones can be produced within 500 hours and they are not as valuable as the original ones. Otherwise, the chemical and physical properties are the same and they also have the same optical features that make them so endearing to users, especially women.

These Lightbox Jewelry diamonds will carry the logo of the company, which would be so tiny that it would not be visible to the naked eye. This is the identification of the diamonds from De Beers.

The focus will be on providing high-quality jewelry that is fashionable and affordable through this brand says the De Beers CEO.

The company is said to have plans to build a plant to build artificial diamonds, grown in laboratories at Oregon at an estimate of $94 million.

James Tidwell

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