Victor Dill June 1, 2018

The economic stability regarding the eurozone has splurged due to the possibility of the fresh election and eurosceptic parties gaining power.  The S&P 500 has depleted by 1.2%, the index of Dow Jones had gone down by 1.6% post the closedown of Italy’s FTSE MIB by 2.7% and shedding of the prime market in regards to miscellaneous genres by 1%.

The bonds of Italy have encountered the largest leap for the first time in the past 26 years with a 2% hike. The hike, as well as depreciation in the prices associated with the bonds, is extremely important as these impose an effect on the cost related to the borrowing on behalf of the government. Currently, Italy is under 130% debt of the economic output.

The European banks have been exposed to the Italian government debts. The Banco Generali, Banco BPM, BPER Banca, and Unicredit have closed ranging from 5% to 6.7%.

While on the Wall Street, Citigroup and Bank of America ended with lower than 3% while JP Morgan slipped by 3.7% and Morgan Stanley by 5.3%.

The slipping shares of the Banks have brought the main shares of the European market down. The FTSE 100 of the UK has gone down by 1.3%, Cac from France by 1.3%, and Dax from Germany by 1.5%.

As per the Fund Manager of the Anthilia Capital Partners, Giuseppe Sersale, this market is reflecting panic in the attitude of the finances related to the Italian public.

As per Allianz’s Chief Economic Advisor Mohamed El-Erian, if the political scenario of Italy continues in the similar pace or worsens, the effect will be stretched to the US with a lower growth of European currency and stronger growth of dollar.

The economists have concluded that the political condition of Italy has worsened the economic scenario. The rise in the bonds of Italian government has encountered a steep change which also reflects the nervousness in the attitude.

Victor Dill

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