Victor Dill May 31, 2018

The Springer Nature publishing group is about to launch its new journal called Nature Machine Intelligence in January 2019. As the name suggests, the journal is devoted to artificial intelligence (AI). It seems that the AI researchers are not happy with the publishing group’s decision to impose a paywall and restrict its access to only paying customers.

The latest journal will be the 53rd one published under the name of Springer Nature. It will be available online only. Liesbeth Venema, Editor-in-Chief, will be heading the new journal. It is proclaimed that the new journal will cover the “greatest research study from across the field of artificial intelligence.” It is also supposed to include the research and perspectives from the “fast-moving” fields of machine learning, AI, and robotics.

Tom Dietterich, Computer Scientist, Oregon University, member of International Machine Learning Society, has organized a petition against the new journal on April 30, 2018. So, there is a huge possibility that the new journal will not comprise content from a considerable part of the community from AI research.

The statement has absorbed well more than 3,000 signatures from around the world. The signatures were included from the big institutions such as Oxford, UC Berkeley, Harvard, and Stanford. It also included some huge companies such as Google, DeepMind, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon.

Dietterich proclaimed in a statement that the journal principally should fulfill the needs of the intellectual community. It should provide the direct and worldwide access to journal articles that modern technology supports. Also, it should be available at an affordable price for all.

He added that all of the major machine learning outlets do not charge for access to or publication of papers. Participants involved in signing the statement have proclaimed that they will not submit, review, or edit for this new journal.

Recently, Springer Nature had announced its partnership with The Next Web (TNW) Conference. TNW is a technology forum. The aim of this partnership is to discover how technology can help to improve the sharing, discoverability, and use of research data.

Victor Dill

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