Victor Dill May 28, 2018

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have been identified to have a great flaw. They have a tendency to bend over usage.

Though even iPhone 5S has this flaw of bending, the more recent ones, which are iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus have a higher tendency to bend.

When the phones bend over time and use, the responsiveness of the touchscreen starts creating problems. This has been observed by users too. These bends occur when they are kept in pockets or fall down many times.

The term ’bendgate’ was the issue that was first identified in the year 2014. This term was used when the phones started to bend when they were kept in the user’s pockets while traveling or for storage purpose.

In the year 2016, Apple made a few internal changes to the design in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. Judge Koh has stated that Apple had made earlier changes to strengthen the area under the chip, though Apple has not acknowledged nor disclosed it publicly.

This bendable feature brings the “touch disease”, a term used to show that the bend in the phone causes an intermittent working of the touchscreen.

Though a public statement about such faults was not announced by Apple, internal tests have clearly identified these flaws in the touch screen functioning. It is also clear that Apple knew these faults about iPhone 6.

The documents that contain this internal information remain under seal. But some information has been made public by Lucy Koh, the District Court Judge of the US. The court documents claim that iPhone 6 has a 3.3 times greater tendency to bend than iPhone 5S, while iPhone 6Plus has a 7.2 times tendency to bend.

Apple, however, claims that the touch disease occurs only when these phones are dropped many times on hard surfaces and when they are further stressed.

Victor Dill

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