James Tidwell May 27, 2018

Nintendo, in Japan, is now giving users the alternative of purchasing a Switch unit without investing a single penny in the dock. The configuration is re-priced at the lower price and referred as a “Switch 2nd Unit Set.”

As the name suggests, the Switch 2nd Unit Set is being advertised for the households which have a dock or Switch but need another portable unit (reason best known to them). Here are some of the situations (hypothetical) which are shared by Nintendo: when users want to play Switch but it’s already occupied or users desire to play a multiplayer game, or simply need their own Switch.

Though it is not for a specific demographic group, many other individuals who want to use the device as a portable gaming console instead of connecting it to a TV set can also look forward to the Switch 2nd Unit Set. The additional benefit is that this 2nd Unit Set is offered in lower cost than that of the standard Switch edition.

As per Nintendo, the Switch 2nd Unit Set has the Switch Tablet, along with right and left joy controllers as well as straps. It costs for about £170 (24,980 Yen without tax), which is lower by about £34 (5,000 yen) than the standard edition.

However, owner of Switch 2nd Unit Set will not get a Joy-Con Grip, HDMI cable and an AC adaptor in the package. There won’t be any major issue, as users can charge the Switch with any compatible USB-C cable.

There is no official announcement from the makers of Switch that the Switch 2nd Unit Set will be making its way to the west part of the world anywhere near in the future. But, you cannot tell with Nintendo. Maybe, there is something in the sack for everyone. For now its Japan, soon it can be you.

James Tidwell

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