Victor Dill May 26, 2018

Uber Technologies Inc., a transport network company has withdrawn its driverless car ride services in Arizona. This is the result of a crash in which a pedestrian lost his life two months back involving one of the cars from Uber.

The company is hopeful, no matter how, to start the self- driving trials in Pennsylvania in the summer months. They are obligated to this driverless technique and looking forward to reenter on the road soon.

The firm started its driverless car trials in 2016 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania which slowly expanded to cities like Toronto, California, Arizona and San Francisco.

The services were stopped all together after the March crash invoking a controversy about the safety features of self driving car techniques.

Uber is also performing an overall review of its safety feature, software and training in relations to driver less car program. It is hopeful of restarting the operations in summer in Pittsburgh after they get a clean chit from the federal investigations and also look for other places as well after a while.

The present termination is going to affect 300 employees from its driverless Program in Arizona. However 500 workers who are associated with its traditional car hire system are safe.

Uber is gradually recovering its losses as the ride bookings showed a rise of 51% from last year in the first three months of 2018. It has already improved its figures from last year with total losses declining from $598m to $312m this year.

The owner of the company, Dara Khosrowshahi is hopeful regarding the growth of Uber with the plans of reinvestment in areas of bike renting services and food delivery. They are planning to move ahead with an aggression this year and will reinvest any accomplishment into their basic services and also in recent program like Uber Eats all over the world.

Victor Dill

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