Victor Dill May 24, 2018

As per ZDNet report, the Android and Apple IDs of thousands of kids were left online on Amazon Cloud Servers.

The data was discovered on one server managed by the Teensafe organization, which develops an application used by parents to have an eye and control that how their children can use the phone. It also publically displays the email address of parents, plaintext passwords, and unique identifiers as well as the name of the device.

The company shut down the server as soon as they got the information regarding the public data exposure on the cloud server. Teensafe told ZDNet, “We took the action instantly and shut the server for public access and started sending alerts to the users which could have been impacted by this event.”

However, there is no response till now from Teensafe for the statement made by the BBC. Robbie Wiggins, security researcher, the man behind the discovery of thousands of similarly misconfigured machine on Amazon Web services, found the data-exposing server. During the search, he came across one more misconfigured server of Teensafe, but it has no important data.

ZDNet said, data of more than 10,000 users were left unprotected on the cloud server and it was easily accessible by anyone without any authorization. Wiggins told BBC that the data was easily viewable and accessible because the app developer organization, Teensafe, had not made any security measures like a firewall.

He further said, “During the search across the Amazon web service, which exposed the Teensafe’s misconfigured server, it showed several machines operated by other organization that had made similar errors.”

Teensafe defines the app as a method of “securely” screen the activities their children are performing on their smartphone. It is available for both Android and iOS users. Through this app, parents can closely monitor the use of a smartphone by their kids through screening the text message, persons being called, apps being installed as well as the websites being visited.

Victor Dill

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