Victor Dill May 21, 2018

Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) announced that the authority has initiated to install hundreds of new high-definition cameras to help improve security measures. It is a $33 Million project initiated to combat the crimes.

The first phase of a new safety and security initiative will begin using the money generated from the ride-sharing tax put in place last year. This includes the installation of all new, high definition cameras along the CTA.

About 600 new HD cameras will be installed along the Blue Line’s O’Hare branch at the O’Hare stop, Jefferson Park, Belmont, and Logan Square. The cameras will also be installed in the Blue & Red line subways as well as at Clark and Lake.

The CTA is planning to improve the safety measures across the city, which includes new cameras and the better lighting.

Rahm Emanuel, Chicago Mayor, asserted that the authority has planned to add 50 new high-definition cameras at this station. He further stated that the station is already equipped with the 33 cameras throughout the system.

These high definition cameras will allow for a much clearer picture. These cameras will assist police in catching crimes taking place in the nearby area rapidly with the help of more accurate pictures. Cameras have already helped police to arrest more than 1,300 people.

Along with all the camera upgrades, the project also includes lighting and other station upgrades with the estimated time period of 4 Years.

Dorval Carter, CTA President, has asserted that the project will also be a part of a broader campaign. It will remind people that they are being watched when you are on the system.

Recently, the CTA has disclosed some data related to the U-Pass Program. The data taken from a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) revealed that the total expenditure of the U-Pass Program to students and the university is much greater than the value of rides taken. These data indicate that students traveled about 445,488 times using CTA buses and trains during the 2016–2017 academic year with the help of their U-Passes.

Victor Dill

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