Victor Dill May 17, 2018

Investigators have found the fastest growing black hole of all time. They have seen that in every two days, the black hole is eating the mass equal to the Earth’s Sun.

On May 15, 2018, investigators said, “They have utilized a newly published data from the Gaia Satellite of European Space Agency to affirm that the bright shining object is nothing but the Black Hole, which looks like it has the mass of 20 billion Suns as it releases the light and it is growing by 1% in every million year.

Astronomer, Christian Wolf, Australian National University, Author of the new research, said, “The spotted black hole is growing so quickly that it looks thousands time brighter than the whole galaxy, because of the sorts of gases it consumes every day which is generating a huge amount of heat and causing friction.” He stated the black hole as the “The Strangest Black Hole in the Universe”.

He further added, “In case if this black hole will continue to be at its place in Milky Way (Our Galaxy), it appears brighter than Full Moon. It will look as brighter as it will wash out all most every star in the sky.”

Wolf added to this, “If in any scenario this monster will be so near to our Milky Way, it will make it impossible to sustain a life on the Earth, because of the amount of X-ray it is emitting.”

Wolf said, “No one among us is aware of the fact that how this black hole grew so big, so fast in the early days of the universe. He added, “The distant black holes like this monster can assist the researchers to research more about the early universe.” Scientists can find the shadows of other objects in front of the black hole, and their radiation is also helping clear the muddying gas.

“The search is going on to spot even faster-growing black holes,” Wolf said.

Victor Dill

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