Victor Dill May 17, 2018

There has been a major uproar in Seattle by companies like Amazon and Starbucks against the resolution to inflict a new tax on firms to help the homeless people.

The top US Company, Amazon, is of the opinion that this new tax can delay upcoming development in the area.

Seattle city advisory board decided without any opposition for the imposition of taxes to address the problem of escalating house prices. Pro tax advocates are showing data pertaining to increase in house rates and rents.

Local business firms are not happy with the council’s attitude towards the big business houses. Both Amazon and Starbucks agree that this is going to be a major hindrance to the growth in the area.

The levies will be applicable to firms with yearly sales of at least $20m which comes to around $275 for each employee. The money collected from taxes will be used to build more reasonable places of residence to accommodate the homeless.

The tax is anticipated to be levied upon around 500 business firms which include department and chain stores like Nordstrom and Starbucks; big tech companies like Apple, Face book, and Google. The business community as a whole is agreeing to the fact that these taxes are not going to solve the area’s problems related to high residence rates and homelessness.

Amazon which leads the companies in opposition of the tax has already alerted about 7000 jobs being in danger.  They are continuing with building a brand new office in the centre of the city despite an early warning to close the project but also reconsidering the lease for a second office tower which may shift the job opportunities elsewhere.

Some years back, the council had imposed a similar tax but it had to be revoked amidst recession. Denver city is currently having the same tax whereas Chicago has already revoked it.

Victor Dill

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