James Tidwell May 17, 2018

Google Chrome had, with all good intentions, installed a web browser to benefit users, by which autoplay videos that were unwanted may be muted.

However, to its dismay and to the dismay of gamers, it muted web games too.

The Chrome team had released Chrome66, in the month of April to mute video sounds by default. By this users need not have to mute the videos which played automatically. Other changes were to improve performances, fix bugs and a few other features, for the benefit of users.

But this minor fault was unprecedented. With upset gamers and web app users protesting against this change, the update has been suspended up until October.

The move was considered a giant stride to solve a critical problem that aggravated users. Autoplay of videos had been an issue that had always been irritating web browsers and the update was a welcome change to them. However, when it broke games and apps, users were unable to get alerts and other features that they had been enjoying through web apps that were interactive.

 A new update is being made, to appear sometime in October, by which Web Audio API codes can be updated and reapplied in Chrome 70.

Web Audio API developers, however, find it difficult to get their apps updated to protect them from being muted. Had this been communicated to them earlier, this may have been avoided. Developers feel this is a very short time as updating completely may not be possible within a few months. October is just a few months away, they feel.

Google Chrome feels that audio experience by users should be made more comfortable and is taking all steps to do the needful. With autoplay block temporarily reverted, users may find updates more convenient and useful for web browsing and gaming, in the months to follow.

James Tidwell

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