Sasha Farrell May 16, 2018

In the past few years, the number of demises linked to opioid has gone up progressively in Will County. However, officials at a meeting on the issues stated development has been made in dealing with what they referred a “public health crisis.”

In 2017, the office of Will County coroner logged its highest numeral of deaths associated with fentanyl and heroin—85, increased from 78 the earlier year. Illinois Department of Public Health’s Director, Dr Nirav Shah, said, “It is simple to get disheartened, but development has been made. Your effort has begun to pay off. Lives have been saved.”

The 7th Annual Hero Helps Community Summit of Will County was backed by the Will County Heroin Education Leads to Preventative Solutions, the Southwest Coalition for Substance Abuse Issues, and Heroin Epidemic Relief Organization, last Friday, May 11, at the Edward Hospital Athletic and Event Center in Romeoville.

Numerous presenters delineated the attempts taken on by Will County and the Illinois state to deal with the opioid epidemic on several levels, mentioning that it will require a community-wide attempt to resolve the issue.

Laura Porter, a featured speaker, summarized how the “heaping up” of severe childhood incidences from one generation to the subsequent, can result in health issues, suicide, substance abuse, homelessness, divorce, and unemployment.

This “ferocious sequence” can be wrecked by a caring community, however, it will need a “cultural move,” she said. Porter further said, “Communities are powerful,” and she appealed to the community to be kind, assist each other, and hold up those “who are complicated to support. We could alter the way we communicate with each other with each passing day. We could generate a culture with a much less hardship,” she said.

On the similar front, the city of Hagerstown united with the national legal battle over the opioid crisis by filing a suit against several pharmaceutical firms, forcing them to shell out for the drug addiction damages.

Sasha Farrell

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