Victor Dill May 15, 2018

NZX 50 closed with a slight increase of 36 points on Monday, May 14th. The slight surge was the impact of Tilt Renewables. The market gained from 8677 the previous day to close at 8713 on Monday.

Another point to note is the record high of the New Zealand Stock Market in the month of May in 2018, from the record low of 3202 in the month of December 2011.

The purchase of Mercury came as a big surprise to market viewers. It is said that a 20% stake for $144 million, was transacted in the deal. Further, another 6.8% is to be bought within 6 months.

Mercury Energy fell down narrowly to $3.15 which is a dip of 0.79%. Last week, it was observed that the company was valued at $4.4b with $3.18 per share. This slight dip was due to the investor reaction to this deal. Investors may not get the special dividend with the deal.

However, Tilt shares had a slight gain, to close at $2.00 with 8.11% increase.

In Healthcare, Ryman has gained 0.44%, surging to $11.40. Analysts expect good results to be announced soon.

Vista has agreed to tie up with Aeon Entertainment last week and its shares saw a slight gain to $3.50 with an increase of 2.64%.

The housing prices are said to have increased to 3.8% by April overall, but Auckland showed a very mild increase of 0.9%, denoting sluggish growth here.

MSCI index shares with major announcements will be the key factor that will trigger the market tomorrow, feel analysts.
Expectations that Xero may join the Australian index, is another factor to watch out for.

The budget to be read on Thursday will have an important impact on the share movement. Apart from this, retail sales reports of the US, as well as their industrial and housing reports will have to be watched out for.

Victor Dill

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