James Tidwell May 14, 2018

After the massacre shooting at the Parkland School, where the accused shot 17 students as well as faculty with AR-15, Dick’s Sporting Goods had declared not to sell any assault-type weapons to any young adult. This will result in the disassociation of ties from the major gun manufacturers.

The principal company of Mossberg guns, O.F. Mossberg & Sons Inc., stated that they will be severing the ties with the sports retailer. As per Iver Mossberg, the CEO of Mossberg & Sons, this decision was taken after Dick’s Sporting Goods had hired 3 lobbyists on Capitol Hill from Washington D.C in order to push the efforts of additional gun control.

He even mentioned that the Mossberg is an ardent supporter of the Second Amendment rights and US constitution and wholeheartedly condemns the decision taken by Dick’s Goods, which is against the actions of the Second Amendment.

After the MKS supply that is the Hi-Point firearms manufacturer, Mossberg announced the severing of ties. However, it will also pull off the association. Apart from these two, Springfield Armory also declared to suspend the business with Dick’s sporting company.

According to the President of the MKS Supply, Charles Brown, the decision to restrict selling the long guns to an adult below 21 years, is not justified the military are from this age group. He further mentioned that hiring the lobbyists in opposition to the freedom of American citizen that is secured by the Second Amendment is not right. The restriction implemented by the sporting company reveals that the administration doesn’t respect the values shared by the other gun manufacturers. Hence, the decision of suspending the sales was taken.

The Pittsburg-based firm, Dick’s sporting announced the ban in the selling of assault-type rifle to anyone below 21 years along with the decision to demolish the unsold firearms.

The sporting company is also facing dual lawsuits as it has imposed an age limit on the purchasing of the firearms.

James Tidwell

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