James Tidwell May 13, 2018

Audi, during its annual meeting, declared a determined plan to develop new electrified cars in 2025, out of which majority of them would be battery operated.

The company intends to pour $47.6 Billion in these electrified cars, create a new application platform for their cars, a new fleet of autonomous vehicles that will hit the market in 2021, and sustainable factories. Audi projected this investment stands for two years revenue for the company.

As a first step, the company announced that it will present the production version of its new electric e-tron SUV on August 30. It is said to have a top range of 300 miles and slots amid the size of the existing Q5 and Q7. It comes in the market with the fastest load performance of any car.

In 2020, Audi also intends to roll out a compact car and a powerful e-tron GT sedan, followed by adding two more electric SUVs in 2021.

In general, Audi wants to sell 800,000 electrified cars by 2025.

e-tron has introduced a new digital and electric strategy for Audi, said Rupert Stadler, Audi president. “We will continue to clean up the diesel crisis and a large part of our global organization for the course restructuring. At the same time, we are approaching the culmination of the largest deployment model in our history and entering the era of electric mobility with the Audi e-tron, which is our goal. We want to revolutionize mobility; we also want to become number one among the first quality manufacturers in electric mobility along with deliverance of practical, convenient, high quality and pleasure for the customer.”

The company plans to offer a new electronic platform in its cars, which is similar to Tesla’s over-the-air updates work and allows users to pay for applications and download, functions such as blind spot monitor or information functions and digital entertainment, such as Tune-In Radio and Allow Waze after the delivery of the car.

James Tidwell

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