James Tidwell May 11, 2018

The 45th United States President, Donald Trump announces that 3 American prisoners had been freed by North Korea while breaking an emotional obstacle and bitterness to make the ends meet. This was a strategic move by the young leader of North Korea. The release was a victory for Donald Trump while easing to bridge the gap with a tangible move of loyalty by Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea to improve relations nearly after 7decades.

On the twitter, Mr. Donald mentioned that due to North Korea’s visit by Mike Pompeo the Secretary of State in the capital of North Korea resulted in releasing the 3 American prisoners. The meeting with the officials of North Korean was also meant to discuss the meeting that was expected soon between Donald Trump and Kim. Mr. Trump stated that Mr. Mike was flying along with the three gentlemen on his way back from North Korea and that it seems to be in good health. A spokesperson from President Moon Jae-in mentions that South Korea gracefully appreciates the release of the American prisoners of which the 2 were detained during the presidency of Mr. Donald. He further stated that it was a positive thing for a successful summit of North Korea- the US.

As per the senior official of the US, the release of the prisoners was planned after the talks between North Korea and US leaders. The planned meeting between US and Korea will not be held in the demilitarized zones that will not set apart the 2 Korea, as per Mr. Donald. As an option, Mr. Trump’s advisors have suggested Singapore as a neutral site that will be favorable for both according to a previous citation but currently, the president of US is not disclosing the exact place and date.

In a recent announcement, Mr. Trump mentioned that the details of the meeting will be disclosed in coming 3 days. This will be the first meeting where the top leaders of the 2 nations will have a face-to-face meet. The senior fellow at the Institute for Peace and Cooperation in Seoul, Byong-chul Lee stated that the North Korean and US summit is a positive signal and a goodwill as it reflects the urge to compromise and negotiate.

James Tidwell

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