Sasha Farrell May 12, 2018

About 30 counties in California have claimed that several drug makers and distributors are responsible for the opioid epidemic in 2016. The counties have filed complaints against these drug makers and distributors.

In 2015, doctors in California have prescribed opioid for about 24 Million patients, in which Sacramento County was ahead with the highest number of prescriptions of 1.2 Million. The national health protection agency, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), has reported that about 4,654 Californian people died in 2016 from the overdose of opioids. All the 30 Californian counties have formed a group called California Opioid Consortium. The group aims to fight against the opioid crisis.

Attorney John Fiske represents the all 30 counties who have filed separate cases. He proclaimed that the problem is of a multi-billion dollar, which is faced nationwide and needs a multi-billion dollar solution as well.

Yuba County has filed more than 300-paged lawsuit on Tuesday. The local government is suing the companies to eliminate the hazards on public health and safety because of the opioid outbreak.

The lawsuit claims that the companies have pushed people in trouble by aggressively offering dangerous and highly addictive opioids. They have misguided doctors by assuring them that there will be a rare chance of patients’ drug addictions.

The lawsuit has pointed out that the Yuba County has faced about 22 death cases from 2012 to 2014 because of the drug overdose incidences.

Russ Brown, Yuba County spokesperson and legislative affairs coordinator, stated that the incidence has impacted all the sides of public safety. It included medical aspect, law enforcement, jails, and the district attorney’s office. He further stated that at the end, the cost is passed to counties and the taxpayers. He said that the lawsuit is just a first step and the process is too long.

Recently, Walmart has announced that the company is introducing new limitations. The limitations will be focused on filling of the opioid medication prescriptions in all Walmart stores and Sam’s Club pharmacies.

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