Victor Dill May 11, 2018

German auto-giant BMW has announced for a recall of approximately 300,000 cars in the UK owing to an electrical fault that led a majority of the vehicles to dysfunction.

The German carmaker had generated a safety call covering about 36,000 petrol vehicles in the previous year but has elongated it after knowing the fault could affect more number of cars.

The company is likely to get in touch directly with those customers that were affected by the recall of the BMW 3 Series, 1 Series, X1 petrol, Z4 diesel models manufactured between March 2007 and August 2011.

“We now identified that there might have been cases of similar issues related to power-supply in vehicles that are either missed or didn’t cover in the previous recall,” BMW said. “In order to restore the confidence of the customers with distress about the safety of their vehicles, we are willingly extending the recall.”

“Hence, we are declaring today that we will take the hands-on step for escalating the current UK recall to cover all vehicles that are probably affected by the power-supply issue.”

Middlesbrough’s Labour MP, Andy McDonald, and the shadow transport secretary illustrate BMW’s action as deeply concerning.

“The company was aware of the possibilities for their vehicles to hazard public but postponed that plans to remove them from our roads. It shouldn’t take a BBC inquiry to incite action to sustain safety on our roads,” he said.

“BMW has serious question to respond. But the government must also make clear why it did not act promptly, what action it will take to hold BMW to review and account the control available to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency,” he added.

On the hand, the automaker has also pulled off its Brooklyn-based car rental program, citing the vehicle cost and damage.

Victor Dill

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