Sasha Farrell May 11, 2018

There is a rise in temperatures and so in the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere of the Earth. In April, the concentration of levels of carbon dioxide attained a record high, with a 410.31 ppm (parts per million) monthly average concentration, as per the information from Hawaii’s Mauna Loa Observatory.

Since 1974, the observatory has been utilized by the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration and since 1956 by the Scripps Institute of Oceanography to constantly gather information on the atmosphere. Information collected from the observatory demonstrates a sharp rise in carbon dioxide levels, which have augmented over 90 ppm since then.

Information collected from ice cores enclosing ancient air bubbles divulge CO2 levels from the past 800,000 Years. As per Scripps, those ice cores demonstrate that while levels of carbon dioxide have always changed, they were never beyond 300 ppm prior to the Industrial Revolution.

The carbon dioxide levels are vital to be scrutinized as—similar to all greenhouse gases—it entraps heat in the atmosphere of the Earth, as per the Environmental Protection Agency. The noteworthy contributor to make CO2 the most plentiful greenhouse gas in the environment is human activity.

The incinerating of waste, fossil fuels, and other products results in liberation of CO2. That carbon dioxide gets dragged out of the environment when plants take it up, however, the reduction of plants on the planet through development and deforestation implies there are lesser plants to take the gas up. All of these courses result in the ultimate warming of the planet.

In similar lines, as per the Earth Observatory of NASA, the ocean also takes up CO2. However, the ocean will finally attain a peak at which it could no longer absorb any more of the greenhouse gas, and consequently, ocean circulation, a course that is vital for dispensing heat, may impede. This, in turn, would lead to surplus CO2 left in the environment and more warming.

Sasha Farrell

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