Victor Dill May 10, 2018

“WASP-96b is the first exoplanet with a crystal clear atmosphere.”

As per a report published in Nature on Monday, “Astronomers have successfully found the first ever exoplanet with the clear atmosphere (no clouds).”

WASP-96b is an exoplanet also referred as “Hot Saturn” because of its temperature of 1,880 deg. Fahrenheit (1,300 deg. Kelvin or 1,027 deg. Celcius) and a mass like Saturn, is positioned 980 light years off in the constellation of Phoenix.

Author of Study, Physics and Astronomy research fellow, Nikolay Nikolov from University of Exeter said, “We were constantly monitoring 20 exoplanets in your passage. Out of 20, WASP-96b was the single exoplanet that was completely free of clouds and illustrates clear signs of sodium, making the planet a milestone for classification.”

Researchers used spectroscopy to analyze the exoplanet’s chemical composition. The scientists evaluated the data with the help of very big telescope, to isolate the sun’s rays which penetrate through the atmosphere of exoplanet at the time of transferring the host star in the distinct elements.”

As every element has a novel pattern of electrons, it can store and release the light of specific wavelength perceived in the gamut of planet.

Nikolay explained, “Till now, sodium was exposed moreover as a very little measurement or it is entirely absent. It happens because the natural tent-form of profile can just be accessible deep in the planet’s atmosphere and in general, the planets get covered with clouds.”

Numerous exoplanets are covered with hazy gas. Analyzing the clouds and atmosphere is very crucial to understand the amount of stellar energy it soaks and releases in the space.

Co-author of the research, Ernst de Mooij, Dublin City University, said, “This new exoplanet offers us a chance of lifetime to identify the availability of other types of molecules including, carbon monoxide, water and carbon-di-oxide further in the research.”

Victor Dill

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