Victor Dill May 10, 2018

Google is now officially making a new upgrade to its Gmail application available particularly for iOS. This will enable the users to send money by means of Google Pay and snooze emails.

With the fresh snooze button, you are capable of postponing emails that you are not able to take notice of at that time point. One can opt to snooze it awaiting later in the evening, that day, or whatever time & date one want to set for themselves. It is the ideal option for those emails that are not as urgent, but certainly, need your complete attention.

Apart from the snooze option, Gmail has also included backing for Google Pay, enabling one to request and send money in Gmail as in attachment. One is capable of paying anyone given that the individual has an email address to convey it to. One can access it by tapping on the attachment logo when creating an email and spooling down to “Attach Money.” With this, one can opt to request or send money. However, the iOS users faithful to Apple Pay will not be capable of using it within Gmail and will rather have to glue with using it via iMessage.

Google recently also rolled out its massive G Suite and Gmail revamp for desktop—wherein the snooze button was primarily introduced. As with the iOS application, you can hit on the button to place emails on hold. Also, you are capable of getting on-screen reminders that turn up beside your email messages so that one doesn’t forget to reply the emails they’ve saved for later.

Apart from, Google is also set to introduce one more new feature for its Gmail’s desktop version. Subsequent to its Smart Reply feature—that utilizes machine learning to recommend responses while scripting an email—the users will also have Smart Compose now.


Victor Dill

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