Victor Dill May 10, 2018

Based on the geology data, gathered with the help of New Horizons probe, renowned astronomers David Grinspoon and Alan stern urged to again enthrone Pluto with the full planet status. They wrote in detail about it in their Washington Post Column.

Grinspoon and Stern wrote, “The verdict to evaluate the planet’s concept differently and to dethrone Pluto from the planets; list was profoundly defective, the decision was even questioned by the followers of similar activists.” The decision was made by small astronomers group is a meet in 2006, where most of the attendees had different thoughts and had many differences.

Earlier in the start of the century, there were supposed to be nine planets starting with mercury and ending with Pluto. At the beginning of 21st century, there has been the discovery of few dozens of dwarf planets far from the Pluto’s orbit, which is the main reason behind the rise of questions, is Pluto indeed a planet. For instance, as supposed by the scientists, Eris, a dwarf planet positioned away from the Pluto’s orbit and surpasses his mass.

In relation with the fired controversy, which finished in August 2006, with the winning of ‘plotnostyu’ filling by an astronomer, Michael Brown, California Institute of technology, discoverer of Dwarf Planet Eris, the “Pluto” was officially demoted by the IAU from the planet’s category to the category of dwarf planets.

Pluto has lost the title, because it cannot fulfill the last paragraph of the (IAU) International’s Astronomical Union’s definition of planet which states that the object can only refer to a planet, which revolves around the Sun, possess sufficient mass to acquire a circular form, and keep your surrounding clean from asteroids and other space junk.

Alen Stern is among the numerous astronomers who did not accept the decision of demoting Pluto, and called the verdict a complete nonsense, and claimed to give all the required proof in favor of “Pluto”.

Victor Dill

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