Victor Dill May 9, 2018

It looks that the cryptojacking outbreak continues as hackers continue stealing the processing power of innocent users to acquire the cryptocurrency.

Bad Packets Report’s security researcher Troy Mursch has found that websites using an outmoded version of the Drupal Content Management System are being used for cryptojacking by hackers.

While the main objectives of the attack involve some 400 sites including the US Government institutions and educational institutions as well as several sites of tech companies that have been corrupted with the virus.

A list of affected sites compiled by Mursch includes Chinese technology group Lenovo, Los Angeles-based (UCLA), US NLRB (National Labor Relations Board), University of California, and Taiwanese network hardware manufacturer, D-Link.

Also, Government-operated websites in the US, Turkey, Mexico, South Africa, Peru, and Italy are also affected.

Mursch revealed that all JavaScript codes that were found infected directed to the common domain name ( and the same Coinhive key, signifying that behind all these attacks stood a single person or entity.

Mursch’s earlier research revealed that nearly 50,000 sites are running cryptojacking campaigns, many unknowingly.

One appealing reality about all these attacks is the hacker’s mining service of preference appears clearly for Coinhive, which accounts for more than 80% of all infected sites.

Coinhive gained some legitimacy after introducing a feature that required user approval before the computer could be used for mining. The Coinhive service, with this feature, has even been incorporated by UNICEF to offer its contributions for children in Bangladesh.

However, researchers have found that the “opt-in” version of websites is generally not very popular and they decided to integrate Coinhive into their website in a way that does not inform users.

There isn’t any way for a user to know if their personal computer is being utilized for the purpose of Coinhive’s cryptocurrency mining unless they detect the high CPU usage on their device and scrutinize the cause.

Victor Dill

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