Victor Dill May 9, 2018

An agreement has been signed by Uber and NASA to assure safe progress of flying taxis in the urban surroundings. At the 2nd annual Elevate conference of Uber in Los Angeles on May 8, the firm also disclosed it intends to take to the skies the Uber Air by 2028.

Meanwhile, it called on NASA to assist in developing realistic models of flying taxis during active air traffic. The aim is to generate computer models of airplane hovering through Dallas Fort Worth International Airport in Texas, among the busiest airports of the world. Uber will join forces by sharing its strategies and providing the space agency with information so that it can assess how finely to steer an aerial taxi service system together with extremely contested airspace.

“Space Act Agreement” is signed by the 2 firms, an instrument that enables NASA to function with third parties that assist it to progress its undertaking. Associate Administrator for the Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate of NASA, Jaiwon Shin, said, “NASA is thrilled to team up with Uber and others in the society to recognize the major challenges confronting the UAM market as well as to look at the essential research, testing and development needs to deal with those challenges.”

The air taxi plan of Uber is a bit vague to this point. As per the whitepaper (PDF), vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft of Uber will use electric propulsion such that they would have zero emissions, will be autonomous, and be quiet enough to function in busy cities.

Uber has not until now nailed secure self-governing taxis on the land. One of its self-driving test cars was entailed in a deadly car crash after it fell short to make out a woman driving her bike across the street earlier this year in March.

Victor Dill

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