Victor Dill May 8, 2018

The InSight lander of NASA is on its path to Mars subsequent to the successful liftoff from the Vandenberg Air Force Base located in California on May 5. However, the lander is not unaccompanied—it has a couple of twin communication CubeSats in the haul. Named MarCO-B and MarCO-A, the small devices have already cleared the initial significant objective in their pioneering assignment to the Red Planet.

Later this year, when MarCO-B and MarCO-A land on Mars, they will be the tiniest devices to ever go to another planet. These machines, called nanosatellites, weigh only 30 pounds each and when packed into the cargo hold of the rocket, measure merely 14.4 inches × 9.5 inches × 4.6 inches. The small satellites, once at Mars, would present a communications link with posts on Earth as the lander makes its risky way into the surface. However, the lander of NASA does not rely on MarCO for its achievement; the CubeSats are entailed in a proof-of-concept undertaking to examine the practicality of sending tiny satellites to the Solar System’s outer reaches.

The foremost signal was received from MarCO-B and MarCO-A by NASA on May 5 at 3:15 pm ET, soon after the liftoff. The receiving of these signals is indeed a good report—it implies that the machines turned on and initialized. However, the signal also implies that the CubeSats fruitfully opened out their solar panels, upheld their orientation, rotated toward the Sun, and turned on their radios. The engineers of NASA still require to carry out a sequence of tests prior to the CubeSats starts their drive to Mars; nevertheless, early signs propose the devices are working appropriately.

In another attempt, NASA researchers have introduced a citizen science project soliciting you to report about landslides you have observed, heard about in the reports, or discovered in an online database by logging into the Landslide Reporter portal.

Victor Dill

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