Victor Dill May 7, 2018

Scientists have discovered a lot of helium in the exoplanet which was found in 2017 with the help of Space telescope named Hubble.

Jessica Spake, University of Exeter, heads a team of investigators who discovered a planet where the individuals will have funny voices; all credit goes to the existence of helium in the surroundings. The planet in the discussion is WASP-107b, referred as Super-Neptune, and positioned at a distance of 200 light-years in the constellation of Virgo. It has the size equal to Jupiter but had only 12% mass of Jupiter.

It is due to the planet’s enormous atmosphere which makes the team of the scientists to get an abundance of helium signal utilizing the data captured by Hubble Space Telescope.

The researchers explicitly analyzed the light spectrum of a helium signal which they received from the atmosphere of Super-Neptune. Researchers used a different method for analyzing which involves the use of infrared light, earlier it was executed by utilizing ultraviolet light.

As soon as the James Webb, a space telescope, will finally be at its position in orbit, it will offer more precise information than Hubble.

Spake, at the Press Release in University of Exeter, said, “We will use new methods with James Webb Telescope to understand the type of planets that have an abundance of helium or hydrogen composition and how much capability the exoplanet has to maintain its atmosphere.”

He further added that this planet is different than WASP-104b, which is another exoplanet that was in the headline recently for captivating all of the visible light and looks pitch black.

The researcher said that, as we are on the hunt of discovering new exoplanets in the coming day in solar systems far away, we need to start providing the planets with more imaginative names in the future.

Victor Dill

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