James Tidwell May 8, 2018

Google is ready to revamp the Address bar, Bluetooth stack and App Support Shorts in their Chrome OS.

Since a couple of months, Google Chrome OS has been evolving quickly, majorly in relation to the application support of Linux. The development incorporates a lot of work such as small user interface improvements and a major reworking of the Bluetooth functionality of Chrome OS.

Earlier, François Beaufort, Google, exposed that the development team of Chrome is working on an upgraded address bar. A lot more like a mobile device, the search results have brief descriptions and thumbnails.

Anyone can just by enabling the flag of #omnibox-rich-entity-suggestions and restarting Chrome can try this new changes. Though currently, the changes are just on the Canary or development channels (according to a post on G+), it can work on desktop platforms as well.

XDA developers found that the support for the shortcuts of Android App will be introduced and is the next big thing. This discovery has revealed that when the user clicked right on the app, an app shortcut will appear from the app launcher. Further, the users can also pin the shortcuts, which is certainly very helpful. This development is a part of their to-do list and is not yet a part of the existing OS.

The developers’ team was also able to discover that Google is renovating the Bluetooth stack of Chrome OS completely. The connection of Bluetooth devices with the chrome is a hard task for many users. Though, the author has never experienced any of these issues with its devices.

#newblue is supposed to be a new flag appearing on Chrome Operating system, which allows users to track the changes on developers’ platform. As per the comments on this Chromium, the newly introduced daemon is just the start in revamping the Bluetooth stack on Google Chrome OS.

James Tidwell

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