Victor Dill May 7, 2018

In early 2017, astronomers have got some evidence which they supposed to be the shriveling cracks in the Gale crater, a discovery they believed could help in the finding of the amount of water once on the planet.

The investigators from California Institute of Technology have proposed this new research and confirmed of their findings. As per Science Daily, Geologist, Nathaniel Stein said, “We are certain that the evidence is of the existence of mud-cracks.”

The mud-cracks, which are now desiccated, developed only in the regions where the water gets in contact with the air, which is the same process scientists experienced on Earth. As a finding, the discovered ones in the study were near to the area of the lake bed; investigators believed that Mars water bodies fell and rose over time.

To get more information about the mud-cracks, the team of scientists analyzed a rock slab called as “Old Soaker.” After this, the formations get exposed to polygons which are similar to the desiccation features of Earth.

Once done with the analysis of the chemical and physical composition of the polygon, the scientists confirmed that the cracks were developed by water. This study proved that the formations are the result of water bodies’ exposure to the air, and not because of any alternative mechanism such as hydraulic and thermal fracturing.

The study has a significant part; however, the investigators are almost certain about the existence of water bodies (lakes) on the Gale Crater on Mars. Further, the astronomers get a better understanding that how the ancient system was looked like in part with the help of the formations.

Nathaniel Stein, California Institute of Technology, added, “We are focusing on catching moment by moment.” “This study is just an episode of a big picture which is building the curiosity since the start of the mission.”

Victor Dill

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