Victor Dill May 7, 2018

California is making a bold move to develop into a first state in the US to make solar panels obligatory in homes constructed after 2020.

According to builders in the state, the alternatives to set up solar panels have been repeatedly offered to buyers who do not mind the added cost of green living. However, most people have declined owing to their assumption that they are just bills that need to be paid.

However, after careful analysis, the homeowner approach would save money in the future. At least the people in the California Energy Commission are seeing things differently as the group will finalize its polls on May 9. It will set the state’s new energy standards, which will make renewable energy sources a prerequisite for new homes by 2020.

Depending on the outcome of the electoral process, most of which expect them to opt for green energy, anyone will see record numbers in installing solar panels. Looking more closely at the mandate in question, it becomes clear that all simple three-story and single-family homes, apartments, and condominiums are needed to meet the new building permit standard.

Analysts expect energy consumption in California to increase more than 50% after the mandate is approved. Due to other demands, which include upgrades, heat transfer standards, exterior lightings of the home and ventilation, homeowners told that they expect at least $40 for their monthly bills. However, the switch saves around $80 on cooling, heating, and lighting based on studies.

Some of the exceptions shown are houses that are situated in shady places. Buildings with roofs that are too undersized for standard solar systems are debarred from the projected standards.

Now that California has decided to make solar modules a requirement for new structures to be built after 2020, the next goal could be more mandates to gradually approach net-zero standards. This means that future homes are planned to convene principles that could tentatively produce enough solar energy and stay away from the grid.

Victor Dill

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