James Tidwell May 4, 2018

Jordan Montgomery, the Yankees’ lefty, will be out of the team for at least 6–8 Weeks, having been identified with a left strained flexor tendon. Domingo German, the right-hander, is the instant substitute for Montgomery, who exited this week after one scoreless inning in opposition to the Astros.

“Not a good news, but also not a worse news,’’ claimed Aaron Boone, Yankees manager, when talking about Montgomery’s injury to the media in an interview. “Expectantly, he can get well and return and assist us for most of the 2nd half.’’

Before being sent away this week to New York for an MRI and an exam, Montgomery had been positive that his wound was not major.

“Though a strain in the forearm can be a predecessor to ultimate surgery, there is nothing that will recommend it at such time,” Boone claimed further. “It is a strain on the flexor. I believe that it is pretty clear and obvious.’’

After 3 Weeks of total rest, Montgomery will start throwing at a program developed to get him back by mid-to-late June in the team.

The Yankees asked for David Hale (right-hander), and they also have A.J. Cole as a potential beginner. “But German has been truly precious for us and we have much more confidence in him being capable of stepping into that role,’’ Boone further added.

At first, Montgomery showed that he was not excessively worried about his situation and expected that he may miss just one game.

On a similar note, in recent times the country’s umpires decided that performance of Johnny Damon (former baseball star) on DWTS (Dancing with the Stars) was a strikeout. The former outfielder for Yankees was one of the first competitors eradicated from the popular dancing show in this season. Damon and Emma Slater (his partner) were one of two couples eradicated in the opening episode.

James Tidwell

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