James Tidwell May 3, 2018

Netflix is speedily moving ahead with its online streaming service, while Hulu, an America video on demand service provider is making an effort which proves it is still in the battle.

On Wednesday the company announced that it has reached the mark of 20 Million US-based subscribers and is introducing various new features and shows comprising a previously rolled feature of downloading episodes and watching them offline.

The position of the Hulu is still far behind Netflix, which has total 55 Million US-based subscribers. Compared to Hulu, Netflix also has a wide audience around the globe, with total subscribers reaching to 125 Million.

GBH Insight’s analyst, Daniel Ives said, “He is still confident about the runner-ups. He anticipates the company to pare out a slot amongst its competitors.”

“Excluding Netflix, there is an ongoing battle for the second and third position, and Hulu has a chance as well to eventually establish itself in the Hollywood as a reliable alternative,” Ives added.

“The job is intimidating. Netflix, which is likely to use up $8 billion on encoding this year, has previously snapped up superstars such as Shonda Rhimes, ABC showrunner, and Ryan Murphy the producer of “Glee”,” he added.

Apple and Prime Video service provider, Amazon are also creating expensive rosters. However, Amazon didn’t reveal the numbers of its prime members, but according to Reuters, it stands with 26 Million subscribers.

The executives of Hulu disclosed that few tactics they expect will help advertisers. The new services and features will let the users download TV shows and movies for offline viewing. Distinct to Netflix, the Hulu version will also have ads on its platform.

One of the key factor to keep in mind is the two owners of Hulu, 21st Century Fox and Disney are in talks to merge their assets since last some months.

James Tidwell

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