James Tidwell May 3, 2018

In spite of an indeed unsatisfactory period for the Oklahoma City Thunder, Sam Presti, the general manager, stated that Billy Donovan, the head coach, will return for the next season, highlighting the significance of permanence within the association. This should not be a shocker, to some extent as Presti and Donovan have a long connection, and to some extent, as Donovan still holds a couple of years remaining on his agreement.

Presti mentioned that Donovan will return for next season regardless of a “substandard” NBA drive as the Thunder were purged by the Utah Jazz in the Western Conference playoffs’ 1st round. Presti admitted to reporters, “We anticipated more out of the squad.” He further stated that permanence within the Thunder franchise will be a significant aspect moving forward with the association they have already labored to put up.

Presti said, “I believe the best aspect for him, and the major prospect for him, is in the permanence. In addition, merely continuity on the whole, with the kind of team we have pulled together and the manner it was pulled together, in general, continuity is his finest companion going forward.”

In spite of an unsatisfactory conclusion to the season as Jazz eliminated the Thunder at the 1st obstacle, Presti considers the potential for the Thunder will still be shinning with key players such as Paul George, Steven Adams, and Russell Westbrook, who yet have plenty remaining in their career.

Presti said, “The chance to potentially have Paul George, Steven Adams, and Westbrook, all 3 of those chaps in their major years, is enormously exhilarating for us.”

On the other end, the Phoenix Suns have accepted to the stipulations with Igor Kokoskov, the Utah Jazz assistant, to become franchise’s head coach. Both the sides approved the agreement of a 3-year concord.

James Tidwell

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