Sasha Farrell May 2, 2018

A recent study has proposed that mid-age individuals with moderate to severe anxiety might be more prone to develop dementia as they become older. A research team assessed statistics from 4 previously published researches that trailed a sum of around 30,000 individuals for at least a decade. In every smaller research, there was an apparent association between anxiety in midlife and later on dementia, as reported by the team in BMJ Open.

Natalie Marchant, the senior study author from the University College London, the UK, said, “If people are surviving with moderate to severe anxiety, we could persuade them to ask for assistance. Treatments already subsist that have been established to be helpful for treating anxiety (for instance, mindfulness-based interventions and talking therapies), and though we don’t yet make out whether they would also lessen the possibility of developing dementia, mitigation of stress and anxiety symptoms would be a explicit assistance to the patient.”

The research was not a controlled trial intended to establish how or whether anxiety may add directly to the dementia development. Also, the team was not capable to properly pool all the statistics from the 4 smaller researches, so they could not evaluate the extent of the augmented dementia risk linked to anxiety.

It is likely dementia may pursue an anxiety diagnosis in mid-age as moderate to severe anxiety seems to augment stress hormones and the constant rise of these hormones might as a result harm brain areas such as those linked to memory, as said by Marchant. Scientists do not yet recognize whether anxiety treatment and hence dropping the chronic rise of these hormones, would lessen dementia risk.

In another study, the New York University researchers have demonstrated how a “smart home” model might assist dementia patients to dress themselves via automated support, allowing them to keep up dignity & independence and offering their caregivers with a much-required respite.

Sasha Farrell

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