Victor Dill May 2, 2018

Elon Musk’s larger than life personality may have earned him some diehard fans and believers but his brutally logical viewpoints may get him into serious trouble. Musk’s pioneering spirit is definitely an admirable virtue but it requires tempering from a second-in-command who can smooth out matters after a relatively brazen outburst from the Tesla CEO. This happens often when Tesla is confronted with Autopilot inconsistencies.

Musk’s comments on Twitter reveal his thinking and are known to range from playful, arrogant to acid whenever any criticism of Tesla surfaces. There is a need for a leader of Musk’s stature to show some remorse in the wake of any tragic consequences that would have its cause rooted in the failure of any of the automaker’s systems.

Tesla has had its own share of discrimination, harassment, sexism and racism complaints; not to mention the recent phenomena of under-reporting of worker injuries. Musk had no better action than words to the effect that if something wrong is done to you and you are being offered a sincere apology then forget the incident and accept the apology. Can an individual be so thick skinned? Or is there a need for the company to restrain its distinctly harsh tone?

Tesla and Musk going on the defensive has been observed in many incidents that involved fatalities or injuries. The Florida crash in May 2016 leading to the death of Tesla driver or the March 2018 crash in Mountain View, California in which the driver died; both had their Autopilot on but Musk could never get around to admitting any wrong with his system.

However, if Musk wants his company to evolve from a niche market catering vendor to a mass production company churning out electric cars then he has to learn to be empathetic and apologetic when tragedy or criticism occurs.

If a high degree of concern and care is missing then how Musk can compete with other automakers like Volvo or General Motors who too will be offering electric car options to the consumers?

Victor Dill

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