Victor Dill May 1, 2018

BMW has just announced that it will be operating with Solid State LiDAR system for autonomous vehicles of the company, which is planned to include in the production by 2021.

The equipment will be provided by Israeli company Innoviz Technologies in collaboration with the Magna, an Automotive Supplier. Innoviz, introduced in 2016, was launched in the market with its LiDAR solid state sensor and computer vision technology.

The solid-state LiDAR is different from the winding mechanical LiDAR, which runs many autonomous vehicles comprising Waymo cars. The rotating mechanism projects the laser in the spherical pattern, giving self-directed systems 360-degree coverage. But those mechanical systems are heavy and expensive, which are among the two things that companies hate the most.

LiDAR operates as an Achilles heel for Autonomous Driving Technology Developers. A commonly quoted figure, since the start of autonomous technology race, the sensor has failed by 7%. But the sensors still attribute for the cost of thousands of dollars, and many platforms require more than one of them. Tesla is the rare exception, which only selects radar and camera-based strategy. Recent deaths have challenged that approach.

The Solid State LiDAR is seen as a promising solution. The Innoviz sensor, called InnovizOne, depends on the moving parts, although the competition is very small scale.

The sensor uses microelectromechanical system (MEMS) which contains an invariable laser beam that is redirected in many directions through a small rotating mirror. The result is a compact and cost-effective system that provides coverage equal to the largest laser.

Innoviz sensor currently spends around $1000, which is much less than the revolving LiDAR system made by manufacturers such as Velodyne, which can cost four times more.

The opponent of Innoviz, Quanergy has its own system in less than $1000. Other competitors are very close. BMW Indenture is the first in the industry in which there is a solid state system, possibly creating the opportunities for technology and hinting at a new phase of affordable autonomous driving.

Victor Dill

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