Victor Dill April 30, 2018

Amazon, principal internet retailer in the world, has launched a portal for home security services offering its customers with no installation charges. Also, the company has committed they are offering zero monthly charges for the same.

The portal offers all the home security needs including equipment, free consultation, and installation services from Amazon employees for the same in the form of 5 packages.

The packages start as low as from $240 to the range of $840. Depending upon the package selected, the customers are provided with the services like safety sensors, a camera, alarm siren, motion sensors, Echo Dot, and the lighting and a video doorbell. Each package includes two visits, for consultation and installation process, from the company side. The smart home services are open for the customers in North Carolina, Georgia, Arizona, Texas, Oregon, California, Nevada, Illinois, New Jersey, Washington D.C., and Florida.

Providing their customers with the services more than just selling an alarm system and other related devices is the result of two sturdy motives. The first motive is that there are customers who would wish to install these security services themselves. And many of the customers would not take interest in the same. So, for these clients, Amazon has presented itself more than just a third-party devices reseller with acquisitions of the startup companies like Ring, manufacturing smart doorbells, and Blink, which produces a smart camera and doorbell systems.

The subsequent motive reveals the fact that almost all home security systems are often coupled with the service installations which include maintenance contracts. So, Amazon is supposed to catch up this market by offering free maintenance to its consumers.

Recently, Amazon has also disclosed that its advertising revenue has increased to 139% reaching $2.03 Billion for the first quarter. It is the first time that Amazon has exceeded $2 Billion.

Victor Dill

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