Victor Dill April 29, 2018

After spending almost 8 months on the negotiating table, as a final point, WestJet’s pilots union has called for a strike vote.

The voting for the strike started yesterday and has a time period of succeeding 15 days for making the decision if they will put forward their union an authority to strike. The union has revealed that there are many issues which remained unresolved at the negotiation table including working conditions, job security, and the remuneration. Rob McFadyen, chairman of WestJet’s Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) master executive council, asserted that they have taken the strike vote very seriously and the association has reached to the situation where they need to come to a contract. Further, he added that the pilots are united for the strike vote which will work as a great support for the same.

The union has asserted that they are not in the favor of a strike and are ready for further negotiations. Also, it has confirmed that the further talks regarding the same are scheduled between the two sides.

As per the union, the company and pilot group had gone through the negotiating sessions recently but did not reach any promising conclusions on any part of the contract.

Ed Sims, CEO Westjet, proclaimed in an interview with Canadian broadcasting corporation that there is something more which unites all of their employees with the company than that of the dividing factor. Further, he stated, the company recognizes that a strike authorization vote is a common step in the labor negotiation process and they are focused on successful agreement negotiation benefitting their pilots as well as the organization.

Recently, the WestJet has offered its customers with the cheapest rates by joining the trend in Canada of offering the airlines discount, further planning to eventually expand the fares.

Victor Dill

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