Victor Dill April 28, 2018

Bosch, a leading auto parts provider company in Germany, has proclaimed its development in diesel technology which will finally allow ending of the recent debate on dirty diesels. The company has launched its all-new cleaner exhaust technology, which will be open to its customers very soon.

On Wednesday, Bosch has declared that it has developed a new exhaust emission treatment technology, which will restrict a life-threatening nitrogen oxide pollution up to 13 Milligrams per kilometer. The number is very less than the current legal limit of about 168 Milligrams. This limit for the year 2020 is even lower, that is, 120 Milligrams.

The company has asserted that the advancement will cost more or less the same as that of a convoluted exhaust filter system in the high-end diesel models. Volkmar Denner, Bosch CEO, has proclaimed that this breakthrough opens an opportunity to change the focus from the much-popular debate over diesel into a new territory promisingly bringing it to an end point. The organization assures that this technology is good enough and can be incorporated into the series of production in no time. Also, the organization emphasizes that it would not really impact on fuel consumption and performance of the vehicle and it will work independent of the external factors like driving styles, outside temperature variations, and the roads.

While discussing about the combustion engines, Denner argued that we need these highly efficient combustion engines as the e-mobility has not gained much popularity in the current mass market.

Automotive expert in German, Uwe Wagner while welcoming this announcement asserted that this technology cannot be called as a genuine breakthrough. Further, he said that the diesel cars were already having the components needed for the new system and all it needs is a repositioning along with a software update, which is necessary for the optimization process.

Recently, Bosch has also announced the launch of its chip factory in Silicon Saxony or Saxony Valley, Dresden.

Victor Dill

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