Victor Dill April 25, 2018

Heavy investment in robotics and automation has been uplifting the sub-vendors and automotive manufacturing industries. This development based trend has given a major push to the industries that mandatorily need to boost their production rate and high-quality automobiles. One of its types, Universal Robots is one of the leading forefronts in producing joint robotic arms that add flexibility and safety to the assembly line of production. The robots add more importance to the product and make production hassle-free and easy to accomplish a task.

Deployment of robotics in the automotive industry has ultimately reduced the labor cost. However, before making an investment in robotics, it shouldn’t be the only factor to be considered.

The application of robots in vehicle production and accessories increase the efficiency in comparison to human labor. The long working hours for workers result in fatigue and increased sick days. This ultimately affects the production ratio of the company and reduces the efficiency. And if compared to the robots, they have long duration work cycle and can operate in three shifts per day. The downtime recorded in the companies that are equipped with robots and automated processing technique is considerably low compared to the ones that majorly rely on the traditional method of manufacturing with a large number of human resource.

Workers on the other hand also get to attend their other duties simultaneously which results in increased productivity. The structure of the robotic arms specifically of Universal Robots does not utilize much space for its operation and can be easily assembled to the different department according to the production layout.

There are some of the manufacturers that majorly use universal collaborative robots for manufacturing and assembly process. These names include Nissan, BAJAJ Company, Lear Corporation, and Continental Company. They apply robots for diverse manufacturing tasks such as quality inspection, machine tending, assembly, picking and placing operation, and many others.

Victor Dill

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