Sasha Farrell November 5, 2018

The HIMSS Davis Enterprise Award in 2018 was presented to the Sparrow Health System located in Lansing, Michigan. The award was bestowed to the system for using shreds of evidence as the best practices. This is targeted to reduce the non-emergent blood transfusions.

Sparrow Health Conferred The HIMSS Davies Enterprise Award

Sparrow has come up with a splendid observation that the excessive use of the red blood cells and platelet transfusion has raised numerous problems, which included wasting the expensive resources and exposing the patients to potential harm.

The health system has set up a three-year goal, which will focus to raise compliance for the use of blood products with the help of the guidelines related to the evidence-based best practices.

Sparrow showcased these challenges through the multidisciplinary effort. This procedure replaced the orders of standalone blood products with guideline complaint and evidence-based order sets. Also, it integrated the clinical decision support tools with the electronic health record to obtain the compliance report. This report promoted the transfusion orders only with the support from the documented and compliant indications.

As a result, ordering of more than a single unit of red blood cells is discouraged in the situations, where the order can be avoided. Also, provisions have been designed for the one-click order dedicated to the urgent and massive transfusions in emergency situations.

This is a highly fruitful step to control the misuse of the order of blood products which are not only expensive but also critical to find. The endeavor put forward by the Sparrow Health will take a firm control on the order of the blood products, which will now follow streamlined rules. This is speculated to decrease 32% of the transfused red blood cells and 25% of the platelets units. This is equal to 9,572 units of red blood cells and 2,391 units of platelets transfused in between 2013 and 2017.

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